Our Company has Shrimp farming in the surrounding areas of Kakinada processing plant. Farms are located in the state of Andhra Pradesh coast within a distance of 10 kilometers to 200 kilometers from the Kakinada processing plant. Our Company’s total cultivable shrimp farming land as of today is 1,032 acres with 105.78 acres of own land and 926.22 acres of leased land. The aforesaid extent of farms contains numerous ponds wherein we procure and cultivate our raw shrimp. We believe that the stringent bio-security measures and on-site labs staffed with qualified personnel, at our hatchery and farms have yielded better quality shrimp output.

Our own farming nearly meets 15%-20% of our Company’s current raw material requirements, which has the cost advantage over outside purchases of shrimp. Generally the size of the pond is 1.5-2 acres. Soil and salinity testing along with water parameter checks are conducted before the selection of a land for farming. The pond will be selected only if the required parameters are met.

The Shrimp farming process is divided into following:

⦁ Pond preparation
⦁ Bio-security measures
⦁ Water filling
⦁ Shrimp stocking and feeding
⦁ Maintenance of oxygen levels in the ponds with the help of sufficient aerators
⦁ Managing the levels of water parameters along with mineral content
⦁ Harvesting
Shrimp in the pond are fed quality formulated feed. At different levels of growth of Shrimp, different size of feed is used. Daily feed quantities are calculated based on estimates of density, mean individual animal weight, survival and body weight percentage to feed. To prevent mortality or diseases, pro-biotics are used. Feeding would be done 4-5 times a day and aerators would be stopped during those times. We also manage the levels of water parameters along with mineral content at all times.

Kakinada processing unit

The processing unit situated in Kakinada is strategically located in the coastal belt of Andhra Pradesh. It is easily accessible by every means of transport. It is 10 kilometers away from Kakinada at Panasapadu village, which is well connected by road, rail, air and sea. The processing plant is spread across 4.21 acres of land with spacious buildings made of RCC and PEB structures (for processing plant and storage of products). The buildings are designed in the most suitable way for processing and for maintenance of good hygiene and sanitation.

The location of the existing processing plant has the advantages of transportation of its finished products to ports in a very short time for export purpose and is also situated in a convenient distance from raw material procurement areas. Our reefer / insulated vehicles with refrigeration capabilities enable us to carry out our local logistical requirements i.e., from farms to the processing facilities. Our flatbed trailers assist us in transporting the reefer containers from the facilities to the ports, for the purpose of exporting the final product to our respective customers.

The processing plant owned by us currently processes approximately over 9,240 MTPA of finished product.

Bapatla processing unit

We have a business arrangement for processing of shrimp in Bapatla with M/s. Royale Marine Impex Private Limited (Royale Marine). Royale Marine owns the processing plant. The arrangement agreed between the Company and Royale Marine is wherein the Company will provide raw materials to Royale Marine and Royale Marine shall process such raw materials to finished products. The Company shall pay Royale Marine for such processed products.

Currently, our processing arrangement with Royale Marine allows us to pre-process and process shrimp upto a capacity 3000 MTPA.